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[CYHO] Mirror Force Launcher


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Mirror Force Launcher
Trap Continuous
(1) Once per turn, during your Main Phase: You can discard 1 monster; add 1 “Mirror Force” from your Deck or GY to your hand.
(2) If this Set card is destroyed by an opponent’s card effect and sent to the GY: You can take this card from the GY and 1 “Mirror Force” from your hand, Deck, or GY, and Set them to your field. The cards Set by this effect can be activated during the turn they are Set.


Sauce: https://ygorganizati...mesmirrorforce/



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In some way, I was hoping for an Archetype like Traptrix for them, but still, this isn't bad. Less blind backrow, since you don't wanna let them Mirror Force your ass, I do like that, but it's also Mirror Force, should be careful with that still I feel.



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it can search mirror force?


( nice )


but it can't search quaking, storming, or drowning?


( aw )


it's still a neat card, don't get me wrong, but not being able to search any other mirror forces except for the original feels bad

being able to get from deck or graveyard is pretty good, the monster discard seems specific though, but we've been doing that for a long time with predaplants. Being able to activate mirror force during the turn it was set, and it can re-set itself if destroyed?? Awesome. 



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Being able to search Mirror Force sure came at an oppertune time with regards to more Crtitias fusions and utility. This is actually a really well made traps (in 2018) so well done YGO



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Well now, I'm starting to think this card and Shrub Serpent might warrant the relegalization of Heavy Storm hell no, but it does make destroying backrow just that much more dicey for your opponent. Really, I'm thinking that stuff like this, generically made and placed enough, may do more to defang quick-play destruction like Drident and Master Peace than any limiting. (Though I still think Peace and Diagram should eat a limit.)


And really, Mirror Force is currently in the strata between "triggers too much flotation effects to be all-around good" and "takes down enough big fields to not be worthless"  that Ring of Destruction currently occupies, so like Darkrai said, stuff like this is really going above and beyond in terms of making the basic Critias cards easier to search. And since the Lair of the Dark structure Deck makes ALL of the Virus easy as pie to bring into the field, we're almost home with making those classic Traps retrievable. Now if only we had a similar thing for Tyrant Wing, we'd be all set.


In fact, I just might make one-hold on.

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