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Worst Video Game You've Played

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Heroes of Might and Magic, though I don't remember which version.  We were at a used videogame store and our Mom said she'd get us a game if ALL of us could agree on it, and since none of us was having any luck convincing the others to get what we really wanted we settled for this as at least it looked okay.  It was not ok; the case didn't mention anything about having a time limit to beat the game, so when we booted it up and saw that we were all like, "Wait, WHAT?"  As this was before any of us knew walkthroughs to be a thing we all obviously failed due to the time limit running out, even when we changed to the game's easiest setting.  My sister and I quit after failing on easy mode; my brother gave it a few more tries but ending up quitting without ever beating it as well since he couldn't figure out what exactly he was supposed to do to advance any further.  Needless to say it was a big disappointment for all of us, and has cultivated a hatred for any timed games since. 

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Four words: Mega Man X 7.

Here's to Fire Emblem Warriors.
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