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[Written] Fortune Lady Legacy Support

Legacy Fortune Lady


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Fortune Ladies all have good effects on their own (except Earth) but because their effects have little to do with each other and their Spell/Traps only up their ceiling and not their consistency they are very inconsistent. (To do anything worthwhile you need both an un-searchable 3 off and a way to destroy it) So I made some card to make their combos better and more consistent. These are not to make them Tier 1 or anything, just better rouge decks.


Fortune Lady Rainbow

Link-2 Arrows: Diagonal Down Right, Diagonal Down Left

2 "Fortune Lady" monsters 

If this card is Link summoned, place 3 Fortune counters on this card. This card gains 500 ATK for each Fortune counter on it. During each of your Standby Phaces, place 1 Fortune counter on this card. Once per turn: you can remove 3 Fortune counters from anywhere on the field; special summon 1 "Fortune Lady" monster from your GY.



If this card were to be added without the next card it would do nothing, really. It's very hard to get out 2 "Fortune Ladies" but it does give you some pretty good follow-ups with its Special Summoning.


World in the Glass Ball

Field Spell

Each time a "Fortune Lady" monster is normal or special summoned to your side of the field, place 1 Fortune Counter on this card. If this card or a "Fortune Lady" card would be destroyed, you can remove 1 Fortune counter from this card; that card is not destroyed. "Fortune Lady" monsters you control have their levels increased by the amount of Fortune counters on the field. Once per turn: you can banish 1 "Fortune Lady" monster you control, and if you do, special summon 1 "Fortune Lady" monster with a different name from your deck.


The point of this card is that it makes Fortune Ladies a lot more consistent. Fortune Ladies are very fragile so a bit of protection is never a big problem. It also gives itself 2 counters from your one normal summon by replacing any "Fortune Lady" with another. The ultimate combo with this card would be (Normal Summon "Fortune Lady Light" --> Use "World in the Glass Ball" on "Fortune Lady Light" --> Special Summon any Fortune Lady through the effect of "World in the Glass Ball" --> Special Summon "Fortune Lady Light" through the effect of "Fortune Lady Light" --> Special Summon "Fortune Lady Rainbow" using the summoned Fortune Lady and Light --> Special Summon "Fortune Lady Water" through the effect of "Fortune Lady Light" to draw 2 cards) This ends you with a "Fortune Lady Rainbow", "Fortune Lady Water", 5 cards in hand and 5 counters on "World in the Glass Ball". (BTW if you can get out 1 more monster from your hand onto the field, which shouldn't be too hard right?, you can Special Summon "Fortune Lady Light" from GY using "Fortune Lady Rainbow", then Link into anything with a right or left pointer (idk, "Binary Sorceress"?). Use Lights effect to special Water from deck, letting you draw 2. Overlay the 2 Water into Bahamut Shark and then summon Toadally Stupid. This combo will be very rare but if you do it you've pretty much won.)




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