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Zhane Truesdale Deck

Rate Ygopro ANIME Character deck


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Monsters (23):

1 x Cyber Dragon Eltanin

3 x Cyber Dragons

1 x Infernal Dragon

1 x Cyber Dragon Drei

1 x CyberDark Claw

1 x CyberDark Cannon

1 x Cyber Dragon Zwei

1 x Cyber Phoenix

1 x Proto Cyber Dragon

1 x Cyber Dragon Vier

1 x Exploder Dragon

1 x Cyber DarkHorn

1 x CyberDark Edge

1 x CyberDark Keel

3 x Cyber Larva

1 x Cyber Dragon Hertz

1 x Cyber Dragon Core

1 x Armored Cybern

1 x Cyber Valley


Spells (20):

1 x Cyber Repair plant

1 x Emergency Cyber

1 x Dimension Explosion

1 x Cybernetic Fusion Support

1 x Pot of Greed

1 x Different Dimension Capsule

1 x Time Fusion

1 x Future Fusion

2 x Power Bond

1 x Polymerization

1 x Machine Duplication

1 x CyberRevsystem

1 x Cybernetic Zone

1 x Graceful Charity

1 x Defusion

1 x Limiter Removal

1 x Overload Fusion


Traps (7):

1 x Cyber Network

1 x Cybernetic Overflow

1 x Cybernetic Hidden Technology

1 x Infinite Transience 

1 x  Power Wall

1 x Call of the Haunted

1 x Declaration of Rebirth


Extra Deck:

1 x Cyber Dragon Infinity

1 x Cyber Dragon Nova

1 x Cyber End Dragon

1 x Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon

1 x CyberDarkness Dragon

1 x Cyber Twin Dragon

1 x Chimeratech Dragon

1 x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

1 x Cyber Dragon Sieger

1 x Chimeratech Rampage Dragon




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Um.  Yeah. It's a character deck.  Not too much to say about it to be honest.


Truthfully, the Cyberdarks are pretty terrible as a whole.  

A Fire Fist Archetype Guide (Pre-Link Format)


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~ P O L A R I S ~


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The Extra Deck is the best incentive for being "Zhane" but no Extra Deck is listed. :<



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The Extra Deck is the best incentive for being "Zhane" but no Extra Deck is listed. :<


Extra deck going to add.

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