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[chalk] Talon Widowmaker


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A chalk drawing of Widowmaker in her Talon skin.




full resolution


Let me know what y'all think. ^^





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For me, the skin stands out just a bit too much against the rest of the body, particularly the back arm, but the armor, hair, even facial features are all on point. Really am amazed at the level of detail you managed to pull off with chalk, and the subtle blue among the monochrome armor that makes for a neat effect.




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Jeez, you are really talented. Chalk is a super unforgiving medium, and yet really the only smudging that I would call issuous is the border between the gun and her cheek. Really amazing stuff.

I think your biggest area to grow is in blending. Chalk is difficult to work, but when you get it right you can get fanstastic stuff like you have going on at her shoulder/armpit area. Focus a little bit less on direct application and you can do more amazing stuff like that.

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