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[CYHO] High Cupit


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CYHO-JP024 CYHO-JP024 High Cupit
Level 1 LIGHT Fairy Effect Monster
ATK 600
DEF 600
You can only use this card name’s (1) and (2) effects once per turn each.
(1): You can send up to 3 cards from the top of your Deck to the GY; this turn, increase this card’s Level by the number of cards sent.
(2): If this card is destroyed by your opponent and sent to the GY: Gain 1500 LP.





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This just seems like a generally decent card.


I mean, I could be greedy and wish it was a tuner, but an ED minded Card Trooper is cool to see.


You are an insane person and very creative.



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oh monster mash can got another mill 3

a mercenary for justice who's above the law

a shadow man on deadly ground who's out for a kill

a dangerous man, born to raise hell, driven to kill

the perfect weapon, the final option

butterball seagal


For Magic Set Editor users

This individual has extended art custom templates with Link and Pendulums


Monster Mash

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it seems like a good potential lightsworn card. You summon it, mill 3, summon a wulf / felis, make a minerva, mill some more cards and get some potential draws. Maybe not a staple, but a definite tech choice if you wanted to 



Spoiler For My Spoilers :3



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Well then, a card you can make Level 1-4 very easily can have many uses in Synchro Decks as well as any Xyz Deck that uses multiple Levels, Ghostrick for one likes it being both Level 1 and having LP gaining abilities for stalling.

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