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SCP: Secret Laboratory

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Steam Link: http://store.steampo...ret_Laboratory/


Yeah, basically a multiplayer version of Containment Breach. While originally having the maps directly ripped off of it, it now has some rooms of its own, along with much better graphics and optimation. The teams:


Class-D Personnel - Prisoners kept for a purpose of being lab rats. Their mission is to escape the facility without getting any attention from others.
Nine-Tailed Fox - Team designated to neutralize the danger and rescue Scientists.
Scientist - Breach attendant that tries to escape the facility alive.
SCP Object - Anomalies trying to kill as much people as possibly. Only a few are in right now, but all are playable.
Chaos Insurgency - Foundation traitors, trying to help Class D to escape in order to obtain helpful information.


Randomly generated maps help make the game interesting, and while it can still be scary, especially with a few people and good SCPs, but with a full server and a bunch of people with soundboards it can turn into a memefest. Current playable SCPs include 106 (The Old Man), 173 (The Sculpture), 096 (The Shy Guy), and 049 (The Plague Doctor).


As for the game itself, as said before it looks better and is more optimized than its predecessor, but it doesn't get anywhere near the SCP Unity remake project. The textures and models don't stand up to close perfection, with the former looking ugly especially in first person. As with most early access games, there are many bugs; about initially released Skyrim level, I'd say. Most are more noticeable rather than to do with mechanics, such as model glitching in the form of T-Posing, doors with glitched textures, etc. But the game itself is sound, imo, with the system balanced between the various teams. Also it's FREE.


But yeah, I still have fun playing it, especially with voice chat working. Fun messing about with people, fun playing the game seriously, and I think that's what really matters. Any of y'all who play this/are interested in getting it, it could be a great experience to play with you guys.



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