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Check THIS Out! [Brilliant Mekk-Knight]


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Yep, I'm aware that Mekkvoked is a better thing, but the interaction here is p.funny

Brilliant Fusion is actually great, since it's:

a 1-card Morning Star (laz gets back Avram, and the additional normal means puts out Avram for free.

a 2 card column for Mekks (which REALLY helps when the opponent """plays around""" Mekk-Knights)

a target for WL Secret in pinches (Unlikely

a low level for Synchro plays (unlikely, but the option is there)


The first 2 are the main reason the combo is run, obviously. I'm debating changing around some of the extra to fit in rank 4s (mostly bagooska or Tornado Dragon), because I can usually get 2 avram out somehow. I'm thinking of other options to replace the dais with so I don't check THIS out too often, but I'm not sure where to go with that.

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