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Kirby Themed Deck


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Melinda Gleeful

Melinda Gleeful

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Im working on a rp ddek for my charecter, and this is where i will post my finished cards. I shall begin working on the deck, and if anyone has anyspell/trap suggestions toss them my way! These ccards are remakes of old cards i had over on Yugico, so please be kind to me when judging. If i still had the originals, i'd show you how much beter these oens are. With thaT In mind, here is my early work remastered. I give you:
My Amazing Mirror Set::

I also have my Return to dreamland/Triple Deluxe/Star Allies set in the works. Let me know what you think of these cards too. I try to make these as a project i started it back in school four years ago, but slowly stopped doing them. I migrated here from Yugico after it shut down. Please be respectful and do not treat me like crap.
Return to dreamland/Triple Deluxe/Star allies Set

Flash Flyer - Sakura

Flash Flyer - Sakura


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In the future, please edit the main post with new cards instead of making another post for them.


However, if YCM does render problems when doing so or you have over 200+ cards in the opening post, you may make another post with them. Just make sure you let us know why you needed to do this.

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Melinda Gleeful

Melinda Gleeful

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oof. Sorry can youd elete the second one?

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