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Cloudian - Nocturnalucent/Cerulean Summon Cloud (Ritual and Spell) (BDSecondwind)

- - - - - BDScustoms water thunder ritual spell


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cloudian___nocturnalucent_by_bdsceptyr-d  cerulean_summon_cloud_by_bdsceptyr-dbll8


Cloudian - Nocturnalucent: Info


Cerulean Summon Cloud: Info


Let's begin with this reimagining of a card.


See, I made this Cloudian beforehand as an Xyz and it kinda felt out of place, especially with its out-there alternate Xyz Summoning condition. So I decided to try and make that and "Cloudians" work for the better. The main issue with Cloudians came from the fact that it was stingy with its distribution of Fog Counters, especially considering it was far more in its element in GOAT format, so I sought to help them along with the Fog-Counter gaining game, at least in the initial plays. I'm aware that Altus could take advantage of this quick accumulation of counters, especially since Cloudians popularized non-restricted effects before DAD made it cool, but it's a necessary trade to render a proper and much-needed verdict on their power, and to also give them a way to make some dents on the first turn. 


Then came the work on the Xyz-turned-Ritual, Nocturnalucent. This actually can work in tandem with cards like Snowdust Giant and even against the Mythical Beasts-and its intended to be like that, to help turn the counter game into a more pressing issue for your opponent to hand. The Summon from hand effect can also work wonders with the ageless Weather Painters as well-and that is also intended, especially considering the Chain Beat Archetype's issues with starting off combos right.


In truth, in Cloudian was where I found such a wonderful chance to lift all boats, especially towards a Type in Yugioh so obsessed with getting off the initial foot it usually flounders on the follow-up. (coughMelodiouscough) Hopefully this helps in that regard. And if it doesn't...well, we'll always have Storm Dragon and the WATER Rank 4 pool.


Till next time, reviews, revelry, you know the drill.


BDS, signing off.

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A Ritual for Cloudians, huh? I was glad to see it's Level7 for Prep of Rites, but then I saw that its Summoning Spell is a Field...


IDK, feels like you are trying to do a lot of things with this pair of cards at once, and it doesn't really work. The Ritual-Field is more of an standalone support card, and I see little reason to play the Ritual Monster itself, especially when the Field doesn't offer any means to make the Ritual Summon less expensive, unlike, for example, the Shinobird Ritual Spells that let you banish Spirits from the GY as Tribute. Not to mention a Ritual is off-theme since Cloudians aren't based on Ritual Summoning. A Link monster would make more sense because of their Level4s + Smoke Ball spam.

As if that wasn't enough, you decided to give the monster a WATER/Thunder typing, while Cloudians are WATER/Fairy, WATER/Fiend and the boss as the big exception WIND/Aqua. This further makes it feel out of theme.

Finally, a minor nitpick/suggestion: the banishment effect depending on the monster's Level seems mildly unreliable in this era with non-level monsters. Although it can still banish would-be materials, IMO you can be a bit more flexible with this condition. Perhaps go for an ATK/DEF threshold instead?

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