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40-card Exodia deck


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Here is the deck list:


The Pieces of Exodia (of course)

3x  Royal Magical Library

3x Broken Bamboo Sword

3x Golden Bamboo Sword

1x Upstart Goblin

1x One Day of Peace

3x Blue Eyes White Dragon

3x Trade-In

3x Cards of Consonance

3x White Stone of Legend

3x Magical Mallet

3x Gift Card

2x Hope for Escape

2x Dark Factory of Mass Production

2x Hand Destruction


This deck is designed to draw massive amounts of cards in as little as one or two turns, and hopefully obtain Exodia.


Side Deck:

3x Dark World Dealings

3x Heart of the Underdog

3x Swords of Revealing Light

3x Appropriate

3x Good Goblin Housekeeping


Add these cards depending on the situation.


Pot of Greed breakthrough




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Personally, I wonder if Swift Scarecrow would be a good substitute for Swords of Revealing Light. Yes, it dosen't last as long, but it's less likely to be dealt with on an opponent's turn.




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