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Hi everybody! I've arrived on this forum for the card design and Registered for the RP, but maybe I'll post some card design too. Sorry if I end up making grammar mistakes in my posts but English is not my native language, please be patient! I hope we can get along well.

~British Soul~

~British Soul~

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Hi I'm BS (resident tea drinker), and unless you venture into a section where I'm not active, you'll be seeing quite a lot of me. Enjoy your stay, you're here forever after all.




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Flash Flyer - Sakura


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How did I not remember to do this?


Anyway, welcome to YCM, Arkars. 


I do say this to every newbie that comes through the door, but just make sure you've looked over the rules and stuff so you know what our policies are. In your case, RPs and potentially Custom Cards. You seem to be in an RP already, so hopefully you know what to expect by now. 


If you do come into Custom Cards, we have 3 areas for them at the moment, based on design level. Please choose the one that best fits your intentions. 

  • Free: Anything goes for the most part (you're not required to balance stuff in this section nor follow the usual Konami conventions).
    • Only things you can't do is just anything that promotes adult/explicit content or promotes discrimination (but this is already dealt with in the general rules)
  • Casual: You generally have about the same amount of free reign here, though you must still abide by the max 5000 ATK/DEF rule as mentioned by Konami. Reviewing standards are light (just write something about the card and you're fine; doesn't have to be about its design or power in the game)
    • I advise this area if you're out of touch with the current game and/or wish to design stuff without being subjected to a competitive mindset in reviewing. 
  • Advanced: If you're designing with the intent of having stuff be functional in the competitive game, then you can come over here.
    • Please note that you must abide by the 5000 ATK/DEF and the existing Types/Attributes; moreover, you do have to explain your reasoning a bit (but the amount required for THAT is very small). Advanced Clause here does require more than Casual (more words and pertaining to the card's design and whatnot)
    • This isn't to say that you MUST be an expert in the competitive game to post in here, but it's highly recommended you have an idea of what exists at present. 


That should explain everything. 


If you have further questions, feel free to ask me. In matters pertaining to RP, your best shots are asking Yui or Cow (I believe he goes by God Emperor Cow at the moment) as both are active. 

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