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I Hate Snatch Steal

What are some good recent games with good mod tools/mod support?

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I'm a big fan of modding games. I really like coming up with creative new characters with unique abilities to play through games with. Therefore I'd like to know what games people recommend based on having good mod support.


Here are a few examples of games I've enjoyed for the mod support:

Starwars Jedi Knight 3, this was the first game I ever modded


Starwars Battlefront 2 by Lucas Arts (NOT EA's loot box abomination!) The fact that people are still making advances in modding it decades after release speaks for itself.


Super Smash Bros Brawl Yes you can mod that with the right software http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php Here is a modding site you can look at for examples.


Starcraft 2, it also contains mods that are like games within the game, which are ripe for modding since they are mods too.


Here are a few games that I've already heard about and why I'm not interested in them.



Its too much of a sandbox. There isn't enough of an objective built in to make adding characters and abilities to help complete that objective fun.



Reviewers describe combat as "stale":



"Fights within the game don't have very many options. "Headshots" don't matter, and most combat options in the game are poorly balanced.

Few examples:

Doesn't really matter if you go mace, sword or axe, fire, ice or lightning, or even two handed vs dual wielding. The options mostly add flavor to your character and little else."


Since the combat system isn't very good, I extrapolate that modding in new abilities for a character won't be worthwhile, thus reducing modding skyrim to a cosmestic exercise only which I don't want.

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Left 4 Dead 2 has (had?) a pretty good mods. You could do stupid sheet like replace everyone with a Velociraptor or play in Helm's Deep or replace zombies with Shrek or replace the end credits music with Rick Astley.


Most of the Valve games on Steam were pretty good for modding actually. Portal 2 is probably the easiest thing to mod for. Even babies who literally never modded before can make a quick test chamber with the mod tools.

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