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Machine-gun Phoenix

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ATK 1300 DEF 500 PYRO
Level 3

When this card is destroyed by battle and the monster is from the Extra Deck; Special Summon this card from your GY during your 2nd End-Phase; and it gains ATK equal to the Battle-Damage that you took when this card was destroyed by battle. When this card declares an attack on a monster from the Extra Deck; it gains 1000 ATK.

Simple but effective counter to all monster(s) that are Summoned from Extra Deck. So if red archfiend attacks this card, at the end of your next turn this card returns to field with 3000 ATK.

Jack of cards

Jack of cards

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I can see what you're trying to do with this card but it's not working. The special summoning is too slow, and the condition is too strict. But, the attack boost is kind of good, I would be okay with a monster that could potentially attack with 9300 attack under the best of circumstances (chaos max attacks into this defense position monster, survive and special this with 9300). If I were to redo this card I would have had this effect:

If this card leaves the field because of a monster that was special summoned from the extra deck, during the next phase after this card left the field; special summon this card from where it was sent to in face up attack position, and if you do, this card gains attack equal to half the attack of the monster that made this card leave the field until the end phase. You can only activate this effect of "Machine-gun Phoenix" once per turn. Once per turn (quick effect), if this card is battling a monster that was special summoned from the extra deck; this card gains 1000 attack during damage calculation only.

Of course this is only a rough idea, but I think you get the point, this phoenix needs a better gun.    





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It’s not too slow or too strict; the summoning conditions are just fine; this card is made to be anti counter to extra Deck monster(s). As for the time of special summon from GY, is fair considering the bonus you get when it’s destroyed. Finally it’s tuner in case you didn’t know, so it can function as vanilla tuner too, if all it’s other effects are not used.

Dr. Jolly Glot the III

Dr. Jolly Glot the III

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It’s not too slow or too strict; the summoning conditions are just fine

its definitely way to slow compare to this:

how fast this game become


not the best examples (yes there even better i just want to drop the ones i can find the fastest ) but the point still stand


dual attack gain is cute. but overall its still easy to played around. the only merit i can think of that Level 3 is a nice range of synchro you can made. the rest of the trait is tricky to combo for needlefiber plays for the Link part of the strategy.

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