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Astro Dude

Demon Gaze Collection.

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A lot of Playstation games are migrating to the Switch in Complete editions, so why not throw a couple of Vita games into the mix, literally. Hear me out.


The Demon Gaze Collection edition.


This will include the DLC from both games, because there will be two games in one.


The Original Demon Gaze follows us as a Demon Gazer under the employ of Fran, and there be plenty of Fanservice around along with a colorful cast of characters.


Demon Gaze 2 takes place a long time after the original where a bad dude named Magnastar controls the Kingdom of Asteria and it is up to us, the Revolutionist Party, to stop him.


Along with some improvements: Elemental demons will have their matches, ex. Mars will be a fire elemental instead of neutral.


Of course there is one thing players hate about the original: Paying rent every time you return.


Anyway, what do you all think of the idea?

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