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[TCG] White Night Queen


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a bad post

a bad post

    waste quartz 4 waifu

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Deck List


Exactly like it says on the tin, a deck built around summoning and support White Night Queen. I've always really liked the aesthetic of this card even though I know it's not that good, so I wanted to try and build a deck around it. 


I'm not particularly sure what I'm doing since I basically just decided to get back into the game after not playing in since like late 2015, so I had about 3 years of game to catch up on.


The side deck I wasn't really sure what I was doing with so I kind of just dumped a bunch of staples in there so any suggestions there would be most welcome. 


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Looks like it can be challenging to properly support the Queen.

I suggest 1 more Planeter so you have more searchers for the deck boss. Also since the Queen is LIGHT/Fairy, it's searchable by Cyber Angel Benten, but then you would have to run some Tributing engine or core to trigger the search effect, so it may not be as effective, unless you overhaul your deck into Cyber Angel feat. Night Queen.


Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen may be more effective than Phton Lead for getting Gellenduo and other Tribute fodder on the board without spending the Normal Summon. Valhalla comes with the bonus of being searchable by Hecatrice.


I don't think Photon Veil and Spirit Converter are that good.

Instead, you can run Photon Sanctuary, which provide Tribute fodder, or can be used for LIGHT Links.

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Firewall is not a good link for your win condition, since it's very reliant on having other links in your Extra Deck to either be summoned (and thus trigger the summon effect) or be co-linked. If you're looking for a big link 4 to mix in, saryuja skull dread or Borreload Dragon are good choices. Hyperstar is a good light link 2, but if you're keeping it all TCG, that's not going to work.

Another option that is open to you is brilliant fusion. If it resolves, you get 2 monsters on board and a free summon to drop the queen. It does requires some spots (1 seraphinite, your favorite Gem-knight, trick clown and 3 of the spell itself), so it's up to you if you want to run it.

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