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Jeff 2: The Jeffening (May Format Zefra)


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Zefras are without a doubt definitely the most fun deck I've ever played with in YGO history. I just love everything about this deck, the way it plays, its staple combos, the oppressive as fuck but not stupidly unfair endboards you can make, its consistency, and its flexibility.


The May banlist basically left Zefra untouched save for Astrograph, which is now put to 0. With Astrograph at 0, I can't loop him with Electrumite for power plays anymore, which left me with the thought of replacing him with Chronograph Sorcerer, which is near enough the same card. But as it turns out Chronograph is like, a lot... better for Zefras? Level 6 is a lot nicer to play with because it gives you R6 and Synch 9 access. 

Chronograph's main use in this deck is to make a Electrumite without using a NS or Pendulum Summon. It + Darkwurm access is such a power play that gives you a way to make some pretty crazy boards. Of course you can play it safe and conservative, but that's not fun, dammit. Not when I can make Decode + Bounzer + Vortex with a set Divine Strike and an Ash Blossom in hand. That's like, 2 Omni-negates, a monster negate, a targeting negate, and a search negate. I just love this deck to bits.


Mostly posting the list here to get suggestions on the Side Deck and maindeck improvements in general. I'm considering playing the Mythical Beast engine but I feel comfy with this current list.

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