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Make an Archetype based off a user's username

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A very simple sort of thing where you post an archetype based off a user's user name here, with the name of the archetype, the core mechanics and information while also explaining how you came up with and how it relates to that user's user name.

EXAMPLE: @ Darkrai The archetype is called Kuro Raishi (Kuro is Japanese for dark Raishi relates to spirits) The archetype is focuses around DARK monsters and also uses the spirit monsters mechanic. The archetype shut down opponent's summonings to spirit monster's level while constantly stabbing like darkrai would.

You post an archetype based off someone's user name and then post the user name of the next one.

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Sky King


Archetype of WIND Warriors focusing around summoning Link monsters, which provide further support in order to bring out powerful rank 7 and 9 Xyz monsters. While the backrow is lacking, the few cards they have generally focus on self-bouncing in order to bring about various revival effects.


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An Archetype of EARTH Fiend Monsters based on Gremlins that mess with technology. As such they punish the opponent for overextending their plays for long combos. They are xenophobic against the Extra Deck, and thus their Higher Level monsters make mince meat out of them. Their Spell Line-up make up of mostly Equip Spells that Special Summon them from the Deck, at the cost of the Extra Deck. Their Trap cards will change the effects of the opponent's monster, thus creating a window of opportunity for these little gremlins.

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