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Tunnelin' Desperado - Dastardly Devils Digging Deeper Ditches!



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The gimmick was actually really interesting to work with, considering how Graveyard effects that exist only for stacking purposes are hard to do. Hell, I don't even think I did all that good a job at trying to make the field effects the focus, because you've got a Card Trader and a Reload for hand fixing purposes, the healing is sorta relevant thanks to KoA's end of match procedures, an Upstart during your opponent's Draw Phase can net you extra necessary resources, and an actual, solid stun effect for a single card can make a game.

The Level 4s and the Level 6 have names after the first letter of the direction they dig tunnels in, and the Level 5 monsters' names start with the first letter of the name of the US state that is furthest in that direction (northeast is Maine, southeast is Florida).

If I'm going to make more support, it's probably going to be more backrow- I'll leave an H name and an A name to the other AGM members if they so desire to make support.



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