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YCM Experimental Card Rules << UPDATED: 6/22/2018 >>

cc rulebook Read before posting


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The rules written below are applicable for Experimental Cards. 

Read them before posting in this section. 



1. General YCM rules apply in here.


Self-explanatory; anything written in the standard YCM rulebook are to be followed. 


2. Topics permitted in this section


The following types of topics are permitted in here.


A. Theorycrafting ideas for cards (i.e. potential archetype/card pitches, but you don't have a definitive idea of what to do)


Stuff you can workshop in here includes, but isn't limited to:


General card design

Custom summoning mechanics


Custom Types/Attributes


B. Card threads with custom summon mechanics or other things that do not generally exist in the actual game go here. 


Basically, if you're introducing a new summon method, card type (i.e. Extra Deck monster, etc) or even revamping the current mechanics as you need to, it must go here. 




Please note that you must provide some baseline for what you want to do. Example cards are not necessarily required, but it'll help to illustrate what you're going to do. 


Do not post in this section and ask for members to design stuff for you. This is your project; not theirs.


3. Keep your ideas in your own thread. 


Now that the design thread has its own section, you're more than welcome to post them as individual threads. But similar to regular CC, keep your own ideas within your own topics. Don't hijack another member's thread.


Additionally, keep it to no more than 2 active threads at a time. 


4. Provide proper critique on member's ideas. 


If you give suggestions for a user to think about for their design, please elaborate a bit. You do not have to write a long essay about it, but give something that the TC can take into consideration. Be mindful of what the members wishes to do, and try to work out something that falls on the lines of what they'd like. 


Don't be disparaging and tell the user to trash the idea. They are not here for you to be a jackass towards them if an idea isn't good.


5. Be receptive to any comments/suggestions members give you.


This doesn't mean you have to take the suggestion word-for-word, but rather, don't shun off members because you don't like the suggestions or whatever reason you come up with.


Basically, if you get a suggestion, then just address it with potential concerns you have and whatnot. 


6. Permissible content clause


This is standard for all of Custom Cards (and the site), but any cards or ideas that reference any of the following will be punished accordingly. 

  • Explicit/adult content (including adult language in card names/effects/summon mechanics, w/e)
  • Flaming/harassment
  • Discrimination towards any group of people

Do note that posting explicit content shall be punished with a permanent ban and your content deleted. 


7. Bumping


This section follows the standard guidelines for Casual, therefore...

  • You may bump thread once every 6+ hours.
  • Threads may be posted in up to 30 days after the last post without editing, and not be classed as necrobumping.
    • Creator bump periods have a 6 month length (180 days), because it's simply you trying to figure out what works best for the idea you have in mind. This takes into account your personal lives off the site. 
  • If you need an extension, work it out with me over PM. 


If you have questions about anything in this section, please ask me.

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