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[Written] Mechatai Archetype

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Alright, let's see what you have in here. 


Akai: I mean, this is basically a free summon if you got the Field up and whatnot, so guess that helps. 2 effect is fine; 4 is somewhat iffy as you essentially can't search unless you have most of the board up and the 6 isn't happening unless you summon in the EMZ. So yeah,.


Aoi is okay for the most part, I guess. 


Ki is probably the best out of all these, since it apparently sets up everything so you can actually trigger the "higher" effects when needed.


Midori is fine; least it triggers Aoi's SSing effect and banish/recycles stuff, plus gives you some drawing power. But that's about it.


Sakura is fine, I guess, considering the fact this Deck cannot spam monsters fast enough from what I'm seeing.



If Change didn't lock you out of an Extra Deck and stuff, then yeah, would be good. But since it does this for whatever reason, good luck trying to pull off the 6 Attribute thing on the Main Deck. Also why would you want to treat things as a Tribute or Ritual Summon? None of your stuff right now really mentions this, and Aoi triggers on Special Summoning. At this point, all this card does is really cycle through your other members and food for Revert if necessary. 


Crystal Sky is fine for enabling full fields, but explain how often you're actually milling 5 different Attributes consistently here outside getting lucky with Midori (and hope opponent doesn't screw plans up). Then again, I guess it helps if you got board wiped or something and are losing. 


Gattai's design is questionable considering this is technically similar to Fandora's last effect, sans the no damage thing and banishing. Issue basically comes from Crystal Sky (if you can pull all 5 out). Granted, these don't have the spamming potential (or consistency of it thereof) as Fur Hire, but you get the point. 


I suppose Revert is fine for recycling stuff from Crystal Sky before you spam 5 monsters on board at most, but that's about it. Also...is the limiter on activation once per turn or per duel? 



As far as this Deck is supposed to function in competition, I'm just not seeing how you can make the most out without being reliant on Akai and Ki somewhat to start up plays and get Attribute stuff going. The Spells are fine, but Gattai is questionable when taking into consideration it's a very strong form of removal; even taking into consideration trying to get all 5 out to do things. 

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