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Sun Dragon/Moon Dragon (Inca) Support Cards (6 Cards)

- - - - - Sun Dragon/Moon Dragon Inca 5ds Huaca Red Goodwin


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My attempt at making the Sun Dragon/Moon Dragon (Inca) theme deck better. It was a deck used by Rex Goodwin in the anime and this is my attempt at making it better by giving it archetypal cards "Huaca". Though I doubt his cards will ever get more support considering he is not that popular as a villain. I am stilling thinking about making more Huaca cards and others based on the Incan deities. Thoughts on the cards?


Huaca Creator

Earth Spellcaster Tuner Effect 
Lv 1
ATK 100/DEF 100
(This card is always treated as "Fire Ant Ascator and "Supay")
Once per turn, you can special one level 5 monster or "Apocatequil" from your hand and/or GY. If card is used for a synchro summon you can have it be a level 3 monster. You can banish this card to add a "Huaca" card from your deck to your hand except the turn this card is sent to the graveyard. This card can only be used for the synchro summon of "Sun Dragon Inti' or "Moon Dragon Quilla."
Huaca Urcuchillay
Light Machine Effect
Lv 5
ATK 1000/DEF 2000
This card cannot be used for a synchro summon expect for “Sun Dragon Inti” or “Moon Dragon Quilla”. You can special summon this card from your hand once per turn. If you do you can select one 1 “Supay”  “Fire Ant Ascator” or a “Huaca” card in your graveyard and add it back to your hand.If this card is in your graveyard while you control 1 "Supay" or Fire Ant Ascator you can special summon this card and is banished when sent to the graveyard.
Spellcaster Link Effect
Link 2 Earth
Link Arrows: Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right 
Attack 1800  
2 Huaca monsters,Supay,Fire Ant Ascator, or Oracle of The Sun
Once per you can special summon a level 5 monster and a tuner in your graveyard. You cannot special summon any monsters for the rest of this turn expect for "Sun Dragon Inti" or "Moon Dragon Quilla".
While you control a Sun Dragon Inti or Moon Dragon Quilla once per turn you can negate a card effect. If this card on the field is removed from the field you can add one "Huaca" card from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand.
Huaca Amulet
Quick-Play Spell
"Sun Dragon Inti" and "Moon Dragon Quilla" are unaffected by Monster/Spell/Trap effects this turn.
Huaca Flute
Normal Spell
Add 1 "Fire Ant Ascator","Supay","Oracle of the Sun", or a "Huaca" card from your Deck To your hand.
Huaca Mountain
Field Spell Spell
If you special summon "Sun Dragon Inti" or "Moon Dragon Quilla" you can banish one card on the field.
Once per turn, you can activate one of these effects; 
-You special summon a “Sun Dragon Inti” or “Moon Dragon Quilla” from your graveyard or banished zone.
-You can special summon a “Fire Ant Ascator”,”Supay”, or a level 5 monster from your graveyard or deck. its effect is negated and its attack and defense are cut in half.
-Reveal 1 synchro monster in your extra deck and you can add Fire Ant Ascator” or “Supay” from your deck or graveyard and a level 5 monster that is equal to the revealed synchro monsters level to your hand.

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One of the issues here is that Viracocha's stats (especially considering it's basically generic) are too high for a Link 2 with Down arrows. You'll need to lower it to around 1700-1800. Otherwise, you could make it a Link 3 and give it that last Link Arrow at the bottom, but given how the Deck functions right now, that wouldn't be advised. 


Creator is fine with it summoning new monsters and eliminating the need to run the actual Tuners for Inti/Quilla, though it should be restricted to those two only, seeing as the Level 8 pool is very expansive at the moment with Omega, Scarlight RDA, etc. Yeah, you can figure this out; one card Level 8 Synchros aren't good idea.


Llama seems okay for now, though you should put some form of restriction on its SSing effect (as right now, it's a freebie that recycles stuff). Or just make it that you can only SS it with its effect once per turn. 


Amulet is fine. Same with Flute.


Mountain's on-summon protection somewhat conflicts with Amulet's Quick-Play protection. As for the other effects, none of them are powerful enough to warrant a once per Duel restriction, especially considering the stuff we have right now in 2018. Once per turn would work a lot better for them, as really, the Deck isn't going to be making a competitive impact even with the new cards here. For the second one, you need to specify where you are summoning them from. 



You do need to work on your card wording a bit, but letting this one pass because it's usually an area that most new members (and some vets) have issues with. 

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Okay, I changed the cards and the once per duel was a typo since I used Moutain previously for an yugioh rp discord which is strict on custom cards. Maybe I should have posted this in another section since its not powerful enough. At one point I considered making Moutain a Cyberdark Inferno but I figured that would be too lazy.

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