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I s a a c

I s a a c


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3DS Friend Code: 3540-2584-8783
Switch Friend Code: SW-7980-7917-0781

God Emperor Cow

God Emperor Cow


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Tho I don't agree with Samus's fem/masc placement smh


TrainerXSamus works too




    Miracle of Healing

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You are an insane person and very creative.




    Dabi on the haters

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Tfw every character I enjoy playing is gay

The Nyx Avatar

The Nyx Avatar


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Kirby, Sonic, and Peach are really the only ones on the right that I like. Most of my favorite Smash characters are on the left.

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60 Cards Croutoni

60 Cards Croutoni

    Monster Mash will top Worlds

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samus 4 life

a mercenary for justice who's above the law

a shadow man on deadly ground who's out for a kill

a dangerous man, born to raise hell, driven to kill

the perfect weapon, the final option

butterball seagal


For Magic Set Editor users

This individual has extended art custom templates with Link and Pendulums


Monster Mash

My blog.

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