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Celeritas - some quantum physics in your yugioh [13/?]

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    Waga michi wo terasu mirai kairo!

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  • Level 1 Light Thunder, stats 1000/100
  • Massively overcomplicated otk or die deck, still being tested
  • Main card is Master Drive
  • Shared effects: 
  • Cannot be Normal Summoned (except Neutrino Swallow)
  • (1): If this card is Summoned: Summon 1 Celeritas from wherever
  • (2): Once per turn, at the start of the Damage Step, if this card is attacked: You can make the attack target 1 other "Celeritas" monster you control. 
  • (3): During damage calculation, if this card battles a monster: You can shuffle all other "Celeritas" monsters you control into the Deck; this card gains 1000 ATK for each, also add this card to your hand at the end of the Damage Step. (except Neutrino Swallow)
  • (4): hand effect
  • Typical combo:
  • Opponent attacks directly. You control Master Drive and have Baryon Falcon and Neutrino Swallow in your hand. Master Drive activates to summon Muon from deck, which summons Baryon from hand, which summons Polarity from your deck, and Neutrino summons itself from hand. You now control 4 monsters and your opponent's attack is forced to continue. You shuffle all your monsters except Muon, Muon's atk becomes 4000, and your opponent's monster dies. Then Muon returns to the hand.
  • S/Ts start all your summon combos and also have heavy xenophobic restrictions
  • Very weak to floodgates and negation


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