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DuelMaster J

DuelMaster J


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Hey guys! Big fan of the DM anime(season 1-5) ive played 3 of the games including Duel links. I have this project called Video Game Versus. Yugioh with different videogame chatacters from both Sega and Nintendo with a few 3rd parties here and there. I am not using card types past GX so no Synchros,Xyz,pendelum, or link. Pure classic baby! Ive made 10 cards from a custom archetype that still needs more cards called Koopa Army based off of Bowser's Army in the Mario series using the Cardmaker 3.0 in the forums. For some reason my 11th card (Bowser himself) wont save when i hit save yet the otber 10 cards did save. A little help would be appreciated.

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Hi and welcome to YCM, @DuelMaster J.
I'm Sakura, the moderator for Custom Cards, so expect to see me around often if you really do stick around. 
Before you progress further, please make sure you take a look at the overall site rules and any section specific stuff. In your case, this is probably going to be Casual Cards since Advanced Cards does cater to the competitive game (and well, this isn't early 2008 anymore). In your case, make sure you use the [Legacy] tag for your threads; otherwise you will get commented on in respect to Link format. 
That being said, assuming you are using the new cardmaker with Links enabled (among other stuff), did you push the save button at the top of the page. That will save your card as a .json file so you can reopen it later and edit if needed. To actually save, you need to right-click (I'm assuming you at least know how to save regular images from Google and elsewhere). 
You shouldn't be running into issues, but if this is a recurring error, mention it in the support thread, found here: https://forum.yugioh...card-maker-110/
Alright, that wraps up everything.
If you need help with stuff, don't be afraid to PM me. 
Have fun :D
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