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Anicent Gear Deck


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    Desperate Sellout

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Ancient Gear Box x2

Ancient Gear Frame x2

Ancient Gear Golem x2

Ancient Gear Hunting Hound x3

Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon x2

Ancient Gear Wyvern x3

Raremetalfoes Bismugear x2

Metalfoes Goldriver x2


Ancient Gear Catapult x3

Ancient Gear Fortress x2

Ancient Gear Fusion x2

Geartown x3

Metalfoe Fusion x1

Power Bond x1

Terraforming x3

Soul Charge x1


Magical Hats x1

Solemn Judgement x1

Solemn Strike x3


Ancient Gear Howitzer x2

Ancient Gear Megaton Golem x1

Chaos Ancient Gear Giant x1

Metalfoe Adamante x1

Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem x1

Castel x1

Gear Gigant X x1

Utopia x1

Utopia the Lightning x1

Borreload Dragon x1

Missus Radiant x1

Qliphort Genius x1

Underclock Taker x1

Proxy Dragon x1

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青葉 モカ

青葉 モカ


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well you're actually playing Magical Hats so as far as i'm concerned the list is perfect

but uh all joking aside
power dong is gg if you make chaos golem
3 gadget is bricky as fuck
afaik you dont wanna play more than 2 golem totel
max out geartown and terra
limiter overload for more surprise OTK
not sure wtf 1 copy of stormforth is doing
also you can legit get away with 2-3 desires in this deck so

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    Dabi on the haters

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Metalfoe have some utility here if you are willing to run less bad cards a mixed build. Use metalfoe to pop geartown, search wyvern, search box, search dragong, pendulum summon. Pretty good value, all things considered.



    Desperate Sellout

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-3 Ancient Gear Gadget

-1 Monarch's Stormforth

-1 Ultimate Pound

-1 Chaos Ancient Gear Giant


+4 Metalfoe pendulums

+1 Power Bond

+ 1 Metalfoe Fusion

+ 1 Metalfoe Adamante

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Discord tag: Metal Sonic#4736

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