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Cosmic Devourer [VRAINS FORMAT]

- - - - - Vrains Prophecy Breaker Link Support


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Effect: 2 or more "Prophecy Breaker" or "Chaos" monsters

When a "Prophecy Breaker" monster is Summoned to a Main Monster Zone this card points to, banish the top 6 cards of your opponent's Deck. When card(s) are banished from your opponent's Deck: This card gains 500 ATK until the End Phase.


Lore: A war machine from a distant future where the battle with Chaos reached the stars, Solora's powers accidentally brought this massive monstrosity into this world. Now it hovers above the planet, feeding off of and intensifying the chaos and strife below. Nobody knows exactly what will happen should it fully recharge its reserves of chaos energy, but most are certain it will herald the final hours of the apocalypse.


Note: Thought this guy would make some decent Link support for PB's, what do you guys think? If he gets the pass I might edit him into the original post.

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That is awesome

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