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[TRM] Ember


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Wanted to use some of what I learned from the last tag and create more of a defined piece rather than just being a smudge and some artificial lighting.


I feel like the perspective could've been improved and I don't think the lighting is perfectly logically sound but I liked it enough to "finish" and post, I'm not one for doing more after I've finished usually.


I'll upload the .psd and you guys can take a look.




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I've been looking at resources for lighting and some of them had this approach. I'm a fan of the scattered glowing speck effect that's shown here, and the larger light sources add some interesting elements to the piece.


One thing, though, is if there's light coming from the orb on the right, it'd likely be lighting up the right side of the guy along the sleeve, if not just a little. That being said, is the main source of light coming from these orbs? Or is it supposed to be coming from behind him as it's showing? Cause it'd be interesting if it was only those sources being applied and the back of the cape was dimmed out to only show lighting along his left shoulder if that left orb is in front of him.


Another thing is the effect the lighting has on the hue seems a tad strong. Given that there's a slightly blue overlay throughout the dark areas, the red that it gives off seems overpowering.


But I absolutely love how there was no need for blending smudges in order to make it look good. Definitely my favorite of the ones you've made recently.


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The highlights on the render seem overexposed. Also some of the dark soft brushing look unnatural. I like the balls and composition. Will check out your psd later.

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