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[THR] dark empress


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the title isn't capitalized to make it extra edgy





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Probably your best piece so far, a few small bits I have though.


Firstly, if I sit back it's really kinda difficult to make out what the piece is and this may seem like a weird criticism but clarity is important and I think the issue likely stems from the size of the piece not necessarily anything that's been done correctly, it also does not help that the render does seem particularly small.


I would like to see more usage of the red lighting here rather than using the very small amount of white light that you have going on, the right-hand side of the piece is kinda just pointless and doesn't add anything to the piece other than some minor composition.


I also think that perhaps the chick could be a little more defined not directly the same colour as the backdrop but it might mess up the composition of the piece and how she fits in, unsure on how to proceed with this one but just a fleeting thought.


If that is a c4d by her left leg I think some additional depth might've helped it feel more alive, currently whatever is covering her leg feels specifically flat rather than being defined as in front of her.


Overall a very clear and consistent improvement, I don't think there is much going on and I don't think this is a particularly compelling piece but it showcases your advancement on a technical level and that's nothing to be ashamed of. 

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This is pretty cool. Would like to see you experiment with more colors. 

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