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Dinophys Deck 2018


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1x Ultimate Conductor Tyranno 

1x Jurrac Titano 

2x Metaphys Tyrant Dragon

3x Metaphys Nephthys

2x Overtex Qoatlus

2x Metaphys Daedalus

2x Giant Rex

2x Souleating Oviraptor

1x Lightray Grepher

3x Metaphys Ragnarok

1x Helios - The Primordial Sun

2x Metaphys Decoy Dragon


1x Cross Breed

1x Reinforcement of the Army

2x Double Evolution Pill

1x Upstart Goblin

3x Gold Sarcophagus

1x Monster Reborn

3x Asymmetaphys

1x Metaphys Factor


3x Metaphys Ascension

1x Macro Cosmos

1x Metaphys Dimension


1x Star Eater

1x Angel of Zera

1x PSY-Framelord Omega

1x PSY-Framelord Zeta

1x Shooting Riser Dragon

1x Metaphys Horus

1x Number 68: Sanaphond the Sky Prison

1x Number 11: Big Eye

1x Evolzar Laggia

1x Evolzar Dolkka 

1x Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir

1x Borreload Dragon

1x Powercode Talker

1x Crystron Needlefiber

1x Hoshin-Again



As part of my everlasting quest to torture everyone on this forum with my horrid deckmaking choices put my money where my mouth is on terms of cardmaking, I've decided to show a choice few of the Decks I've made during my tenure on YGOPRO, and still keep up-to-date. 


Figured I'd start with my third favorite. Metaphys. Swear I went ahead and forgot, but there was a dated build of this, about two banlists ago on the TCG end, where this guy actually merged it with Dinosaurs, currently reeling from the hangover they had with Lithosagym/Denglong, and neeeding a new complement. I....elaborated on that Deck's design, considering how much it interested me. 


Rex helps to open avenues in all three Extra Deck types shown there, especially after a round of Oviraptor into Overtex. Lightray Grepher is to help with unbricking some choice hands if necessary, considering the light packing I've done with Metaphys Factor


3 Sarcs, because obvious Ascension/Rex shenanigans is obvious


Titano was the a....choicy pick for me, but a 3000 body that Double Evolution Pill swings out and that has semi-Kozmo protection helps against....some cheeky snipers I've dealt with on PRO. Point was to ensure another body on board for Double Evolution Pill that wasn't Tyranno or Overtex. May scrap it.


Helios and Macro help extend Rank 4 pool some more, and my opponent is likely gonna be less fond of banishing stuff they'd rather have in the GY than I (hullo Sky Strikers/Kagari) 


Cross Breed was originally something I had Left Arm Offering in, but in terms of garnering advantage, this is far more flexible. Opent to running some Fossil Digs to help the Dino engine, but I felt the less things to get in the way of the now-decent Metaphys game, the better.


And in terms of the Extra Deck, Zera, Omega and Bagooska are godsends, helping to slow the opponent's roll enough for the Metaphys cycling/grind game to wreak its full havoc on the opponent.


Still looking for ways to cut down on the Level top-heavy build of this, maybe to 8, but this seems to randomize enough to allow me play in my runs on PRO


Thoughts and changes, anyone?


BDS's new TCG/OCG Card Grading Metric
BD'S' 10 Credos of Cardmaking
The Eternal Debate: Can another Duel Spirit turned Boss-in-Three go together with Yubel in harmony?

I mean, s'not like I'm wholly obsessed with the greatest antagonist in Yugioh history some random Duel Spirit or something...

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Brought to you by The BlaDeS of Change Workshop, now also available on DeviantArt.

And remember kids...

In this world, overcome the odds one card at a time. EVERYONE STARTS AS SCRAP. S'up to you whether you forge it into the change you want to see or not.

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