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Call of the Appartional

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Call of the Apparitional
[Continuous Trap]

You can discard 1 card; Special Summon up to 3 Normal Zombie monsters from your GY, and then place 1 Hauned Counter on this card. You can only use this effect of "Call of the Appartional" once per turn. Monsters Summoned by this card's effect gain 300 ATK for each Haunted Counter on this card.


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Now I wonder what vanilla Zombies are actually worth running with this...


I mean, you do have Zombino and Master Kyonshee for the most notable in terms of power, but yeah, that's about it. Or you can be like Bonz and go revive the Zombie counterparts or something. Besides that, this does lead into potential Link 3 spam every turn, which is of some concern. However considering the field of monsters that are even available for this (there's 28 in total), it should be okay for now. 


Just be aware if Konami ever makes a Zombie archetype that treats themselves as vanillas in the GY (similar to some Blue-Eyes stuff), because this will be asking for abuse there.

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This looks quite good for a casual level, IMO. Set up the GY with Normal Zombies and rack up advantage every turn. You can even discard a drawn Normal Zombie to alleviate the cos, and even if you don't trading 1 card for 3 monsters is a sweet deal. As mentioned above, Zombino is a Normal Zombie with decent stats, but I'm guessing Skull Servants can have some fun with it, too.


The "During either player's turn" clause is redundant, since as a Trap it is inherently a Spell Speed 2 card/effect.

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