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Replacing Statuses


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Sorry for getting aggressive here. Given Sakura's statement, I'd rather just wait for the rest of the team to chime in, and hopefully soon to wrap up this issue.

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As far as the matter is concerned right now, here's what the team (well, 5 of us anyway overall) has decided on after almost 3 weeks since last post. 


1. The rule that forbids reposting the same status because of typos (either by your own accord or that of autocorrect) will be repealed.


I already mentioned on previous page that we're all okay with this as a whole. (As far as our consensus goes, no dissension on this part)


Just make sure you do it right the second time, and that autocorrect / human error didn't kick in again. You shouldn't have to redo it more than once in most cases.


2. Permitting the deletion of statuses for DIFFERENT ones is on hold.


This came up with some of the team and was already noted beforehand, but there is the possibility for abuse, even with the rules that are supposed to address them. One concern is that deleting it for something else is technically "cheating" the 15 minute period between statuses.


Unless the matter is extremely important, you shouldn't have to delete your previous status for something else. 


This doesn't mean we will not permit you to do this at a later time, pending further discussion on the matter addressing abuse cases.



At the end of the day, we actually need to enforce the rules on the status bar, but really does prove difficult to when some of us either don't care about the status bar or do not reply in a timely manner so we can resolve the matters regarding it sooner.


But yeah, you guys can now delete statuses due to typos / autocorrect being dumb, but please make sure you double-check it when you repost it again.

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