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Hey guys, i plan on posting a new cards i made on the Neo Card Maker... but i can't figure out how to put it up, but here's the card's descriptions:


1) "Prototronus, Divine Dragon of the Pleiades"

Attribute - DIVINE

Level / Rank - 0

Type - Dragon / Xyz / Fusion / Pendulum / Effect

Pendulum Scale - 13 (Blue) 0 (Red)

Pendulum Effect - Special Summon 1 "Pleiades Squad Unit Token" for each Rebellion Fusion was sent to the GY when this card is placed in the Pendulum Zone (LIGHT / Level 4 / Fairy-Type / 2000 ATK / 2000 DEF). Your opponent cannot Special Summon Fusion Monsters and their Xyz Monsters cannot attack.

Monster Effect - 4 or more "Avatar" Monsters

This Monster's Level / Rank is equal to the combine Level of all Monsters used to Summon this monster divided by 4. If this Monster is Fusion Summoned, attach the Fusion Material to this Monster as Xyz Material. If this Monster is Xyz Summoned, destroy 3 of your opponent's Monsters for every 3 Xyx Material attached to this card. Once during the Main Phase 1, you can destroy 1 Monster on your opponent's side of the field for each Xyz Material currently attached to this card. At the end of the Main Phase 1, inflict to all your opponents 1000 LP damage for each Monster destroyed by this card's effect during the previous Main Phase 1. During your your Battle Phase, you can detach all your Xyz Material; multiply this Monsters ATK by the number of Xyz Material detached. When this Monster doesn't have at least 3 Xyz Material, this Monster cannot attack; this Monster's ATK and DEF become 6000, and during your opponent's turn only, add this Monster's DEF to it's ATK. During your Draw Phase, you attach 1 Xyz Material from the GY instead. This Monster gains 1000 ATK and DEF for each Xyz Material reattached, until it reaches 4 Xyz Material. If all your opponent cannot Summon Monster with combine ATK and DEF of 2000 or higher, destroy this Monster. If this Monster is destroyed, instead of sending it to the Extra Deck, place it in one of your Pendulum Zones.
ATK - 10,000
DEF - 10,000
2) "Pleiades Squad Unit Token"
Attribute - LIGHT
Level - 4
Type - Fairy / Token / Effect
Monster Effect - Can only be Special Summoned by the Pendulum Effect of "Prototronus, Divine Dragon of the Pleiades"
ATK - 2,000
DEF - 2,000
Anyone please tell me how to put multiple pictures on a forum post, thanks :)

Flash Flyer - Sakura

Flash Flyer - Sakura


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Read #5 on that list because that explains posting images. Though you do have to actually save the cards from the program first before you can upload them and whatnot. 


For multiple images, just repeat the same process for each image you wish to post. 



Otherwise, written data is fine. 

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