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Possible Danger! card (my expectations if you will)

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hi i saw danger! cards and they're good 


here's a card (or more) that i'd like to see in the set as well:


Danger! Big Game Hunter: link 2 with arrows pointing down and right (like underclock)

warrior DARK 



2monster including at least 1 "Danger!" monster

once per turn you can discard one card to destroy 1 card on the field

if the discarded card was a "Danger!" card you can activate one of those effects:

- Summon it in defense position if it was a monter, set it on the field if it was a Trap or Spell

- draw a card then discard a card

you can only use one of those effect per turn (hotp)


it's a link so its cool, it can extend your play while letting you plus (discard Bigfoot destroy 2 cards then summon back Bigfoot for exemple) 


well there's a lot that can be changed:

type (beast-warrior over warrior ?)





also i could make it a link 1 requiering 1 Danger! monster and make it less powerful

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