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shut up rewas

shut up rewas

    shut up rewas

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Poetry is for cucks so Rewas has written quite a lot and in reading his work I was inspired to emulate the Lithuanian ladyboy.


The real story behind this is my recent playing of Doki Doki Litfam Dab, and the fact that I'm still holding on hope that I'll get into second year of college and if I do I'll have to write poetry at some point but I don't want to so I've been trying to stockpile some short jokey bullshit ones that I can fall back to and attempt to artistically justify should that eventuality come to pass, and am now going to post them here because it allows me to share them with the whole wide world while simultaneously ensuring that only Mitch ever reads them.


Here you go you Australian weeb.




More like

Oh no a tree

Writing while driving

is not easy

Often results in





requires timing.

But also meter

Oh look it’s Peter

Lucky he’s here

though I hate the queer.

He helped with the setup

for this punchline.



Forty thousand words apiece

Across three stories writ by Keith

Who is Keith I hear you cry

A man I say who’s soon to die

Why you ask what can I do

Is Keith’s death foreseen and true

I can reveal indeed it’s so

He lives within these lines and lo

Upon end of the final one

His life and death are jointly done.










Photogenic octopus

Multiplying paper cuts

Lines that rhyme but have no reason

Betrayal of the king is treason

Rhyming a word with itself

Is something I’d not do myself

But who’s to say it’s invalid

I am you cuck and I just did.


As you can see I have very limited ability and attempt to compensate for that by prioritising the comedic value of the content over the form, finding little success and ultimately failing in every aspect. However, I don't care, and now I have all these ready to go.




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I feel the poetry in DDLC could've been capitalized on even more. Natsuki's poems were great and Yuri was a dumbo edgelorde.


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