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7 Completed [The State of Equip Spells, Milestone]

Milestone Topic


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Hello, fine peoples!


Since my rep count just hit jackpot and since I'd never done it before, I wanted to do a milestone card/discussion topic.




Activate this card by choosing ATK or DEF; equip only to a Machine-Type monster. It gains 700 ATK or DEF, depending on the choice.


A simple ATK or DEF boosting equip.  Restrictive, gimmicky, and powercrept out of existence from the moment more powerful generic equips became available.  Perhaps even before then, just by the nature of the game.


Years later, equips are still not viable for doing, you know, what they are supposed to *cough* Isolde *cough*.  Is there any means to make equips viable for... equipping?  Also, a general question: if Konami came up with a plain stat boosting equip today, how much ATK/DEF would it need to give a monster before you (personally) would consider running it?



Also, discuss 7 Completed as well, I suppose (Side discussions on "7", "Nanana", "Jackpot 7" or "RUM - The Seventh One" also allowed).


Hello, fine peoples!

Oh hey, something notable I guess



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IMO the best way to keep and make Equips viable is to make them float (e.g. Saqlifice, Supervise), behave as Reborn and bring a monster from the GY (e.g. Gagagarevenge, Spellbook of Life, the Monarch Equip), or simply keep or generate advantage in some way like Wonder Wand, a +0 that eats your Normal Summon at worst, although it was practically outclassed by Spellbook of Knowledge, but that's a different matter. But Equips that give mere boosts, be it stats, or protections, are not really cutting it anymore. I would love to see more stuff like Saqlifice. That card is so good that it was put in the banlist for a while back in Qliphort's prime.


Better Equip support would be of great help, too. IMO it's about time they make a better Hidden Armory that doesn't eat your Normal Summon. Or at least an ED monster that grabs equips and is more accessible than Power Tool Dragon.


To answer how much ATK/DEF an Equip should give and with no other effects, feeling like 2700+ ATK would be my threshold to consider it.

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