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Kirby Star Allies

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Astro Dude

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It's great to be a kid again isn't it.


Kirby Star Allies is a blast to play. I certainly had fun with it.


The premise: evil hearts are falling across Dream Land and it's up to Kirby, who's powered up with a good heart, to stop them.


They don't call this game Star ALLIES for nothing as you can turn up to three enemies into allies. Plus with the ability to combine powers, the possibilities are endless, making it all the more fun.


I feel like this game is the ultimate love letter to Kirby fans whether they be veterans or new to the series.


The powers are some basic stuff with a few tweaks. For example, ESP returns from Robobot and combined with Stone you get Geokinesis, the ability to control Earth. Water returns from Return to Dream Land, and when combined with a weapon, it becomes a Splash weapon, like Splash Ninja. Now that's Water Style. Yoyo returns from the Superstar games and boy, the elemental powers this thing can gain. Clean returns from Dream Land 3 and can imbue weapon abilities with wind or water.


You can also recruit other allies like Bandanna Waddle Dee, Meta Knight and with a recent update, Marx, the final boss of Milky Way Wishes. Whom I'd like as allies are the magus sisters.


The music, man this game will bring back some nostalgia, as there are remixes of old tracks, new music and even some tunes fans may recognize.


When I play I try to have an elemental on my team.


Kirby hasn't had a bad game so far, this is no exception.


Plus, We'll be getting Adeline and Ribbon in a future update.


So, thoughts?

Here's to Fire Emblem Warriors.
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