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Blue-Eyes Whitestorm Dragon

- - - - - Available on Duel Portal STANDARD


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Been a while since I have made a high Link Rating monster, so here's a LINK-6 intended for Normal Monster Decks, specifically Blue-Eyes as the name may suggest. Its effects are meant to work together to not only take out some of your opponent's monsters, but also allow you to get a draw. Should you get this out with at least 2 non-Effect monsters, you get to put any non-Effect monster from your hand, Deck or GY on the field, which allows you to keep its protection going, which makes it unable to be destroyed by card effect and up to twice per turn, it negates any effect that targets it. Next, is a Quick Effect that destroys all monsters it points to, which can be used once while it's face-up on the field. Next, is an effect that activates up to twice per turn, allowing you to draw 1 card when a Normal Monster it points to leaves the field, which triggers if you use the above effect. It has 4000 ATK as well that can be made with any monsters that aren't Tokens, making it a powerhouse with Summoning, destruction and drawing capabilities, laddering up with Link Monsters such as Gaia Saber the Lightning Shadow, as it is a non-Effect monster, is the way to go.



2+ monsters, except Tokens
If this card is Link Summoned using 2 or more non-Effect monsters: You can Special Summon 1 non-Effect monster from your hand, Deck or GY. This linked monster cannot be destroyed by card effects, also twice per turn, when a card effect that targets this card resolves, negate that effect. Once, while this card is face-up on the field (Quick Effect): You can destroy all monsters this card points to. Up to twice per turn, if a Normal Monster this card points to leaves the field: Draw 1 card.




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How are you making this in a non-Effect deck? The only real thing that comes to mind is laddering from Skull Dread, but that already requires a decent amount of dedication to properly take advantage of, and then, to properly take advantage of this card, you need an additional 2 Normal Monsters to actually use to get that double draw so you are at least semi-recouped. I mean, it's cool how if you have 2 other Normals out and Link with them, you get a double draw and this card is Linked. Even if the protection is wonky, it works, and that's what matters, but the problem here is that the card's design is great in theory.


This is a Link 6 that needs 2 more monsters to actually recoup anything. That's 7 monsters, as it does grab one of the necessary monsters with its own effect (could grab LANpholinkus if you laddered with it, but chances are you used better Links, and besides, it doesn't point towards this monster or allow you to use its last effect) and while Knightmare and such could make this, and have it Linked to boot, anything that can Link spam has much better monsters they can make than this, and don't have 2 non-effect monsters to spare. It's not difficult to make in the same way as Sophia, as this card is very generic (shame for that very painful token restriction) but it is limited by a Deck's power instead of what it consists of, and what it supports isn't very powerful. You need support to make this card.


I don't understand the destruction effect. It triggers the last effect, true, but...9 times out of 10 I'll be using them to Link into something I can actually use to keep this monster on the field. There is Knightmare Cerberus as an option, however, so I'll let slide in that regard. Apart from that, it seems really inefficient in regards to its actual destruction; 4 of the 6 arrows will either point to nothing or your cards, and it just locks out 2 of your opponent's zones during their turn, meaning this monster's initial placement (which works best in the left-most zone) allows your opponent to easily play around it. It just seems bad.



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Which cardmaker did you use? I don't see an option for Links in the old one, and the new one squishes the text too much when a card has a long effect like that.



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Which cardmaker did you use? I don't see an option for Links in the old one, and the new one squishes the text too much when a card has a long effect like that.

Magic Set Editor and I used this template:



Flash Flyer - Sakura

Flash Flyer - Sakura


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Which cardmaker did you use? I don't see an option for Links in the old one, and the new one squishes the text too much when a card has a long effect like that.


Welcome to YCM. 


I know you're new and all, though just going to drop a note on stuff you did incorrectly. 


- Not a review post: This just means you need to give a review on the member's card like what Dova did above (though doesn't have to be as long). You can ask about how he designed stuff like you did this time, but gotta review too. 

- "Necrobumping": Granted, the internal site thing says 30 days, but for Custom Card purposes, it's 14 days (least for Advanced, where you are right now). Not really a big deal, but now you know. 


(I'll leave this open though as opposed to locking it)


So yeah, please look at the rulebook when you got time; thanks. 



As for Zazu, you may want to address the stuff Dova brought up above. 

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