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A "God" card for Extra Deck Monsters. Brektei Ukthuo, the Desolator.

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Artwork: https://www.pixiv.ne...r.php?id=229796

Brektei Ukthuo, the Desolator (Fiend/DARK/Level 10/Effect/ATK ?/DEF 0)
Cannot be Special Summoned. To Tribute Summon this card face-up, you must Tribute 3  Extra Deck Monsters with different Monster Card Types (cannot be Tribute Set). You can only control 1 "Brektei Ukthuo, the Desolator". This card's original ATK is the total original ATK of those Tributed monsters, also it gains any of the following effects depending on the Monster Card Types of those Tributed monsters.
● Fusion: Cannot be targeted for attacks.
● Synchro: Double all battle damage your opponent takes from this card's attacks on your opponent's monsters.
● Xyz: Unaffected by your opponent's Spells/Traps on the field.
● Link: Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to the activation of your monsters' effects on your field.

I'm just dabbling with what is effectively an Egyptian God Card (that's not from Egypt), but that supports certain Extra Deck Monsters. Ok so it can potentially have about over 15,000 original ATK by its own effect if you Tribute Five-Headed Dragon or Dragon Master Knight, Flower Cardian Lightflare, and Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer (but there's next to no chance of that realistically happening), but it can get pretty big pretty quickly in the right kind of Deck. The best Deck to play this in is any Deck that can afford to focus on 2 or 3 Extra Deck Monster Types, D/D/D or Magician Pendulum with Odd-Eyes are good choices but you would have to focus the Deck on allowing Triple Tributer monsters into it. Its main function is to act as an offensive/defense wall; for example, its first effect would makes sure your opponent cannot attack with a monster that could remove Brektei from the field with an effect on that attack or gain ATK during the Damage Step in this way your opponent won't be able to attack you directly, and its last effect not only protects your monsters from being stunned by your opponent, but it also shuts down certain cards your opponent might have, like hand traps. Hope you like it.

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