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OC Ritual Summoning Deck

Ritual summoning OC Original Cards Rookie! Noob Ritual Summoning Deck


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Hi! I need some help. I'm created an Original (OC) Ritual summoning deck for an OC. I'm creating a deck inspired by Japanese Shinto spirits and deities and that are night or moon based. I've already have in mind what main monsters I'd like to create.


Moon Rabbit: Servant - Effect/Beast monster - Light - 3 Stars

Kaguya: The Princess Beast/Effect monster - Light - 4 Stars

Night Witch - Spell-caster/Effect Monster - Dark - 4 Stars

Star Gazer Magician - Spell caster/Effect monster - Light - 4 Stars

Blood Moon Dragon - Dragon/Effect/Ritual Monster - Dark - 6 Stars

Ellipse Dragon - Dragon/Effect Ritual Monster - Dark - 10 Stars

Tsuki-Yomi: The God - Ritual Monster - Dark? Light? - 12 Stars  

I've even already created Moon Rabbit - Servant and decided on its effect. (Did the art myself)




However I'm not dueling expert and I'm not sure what kind of Spell and trap cards I should create. Or even not and if there are per-existing cards I can add to the deck I want to create for my OC. I don't want to create a ridiculously over powered card. I don't to create the Mary Sue of Yugioh cards. Can someone give me some suggestions?

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