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8bit Moonside

8bit Moonside


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Hello, everyone! I've never been a competitive Yugioh player, but it's a game that I've followed casually for quite a long time, and I've always found making my own concepts for cards fun. I kind of dropped off after the peak of Xyz monsters, but I've been slowly getting back into it over the past few weeks. Nice to meet you all!



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What's this?


Hey there Moonside, welcome aboard. I'm Yui, one of the RP crew who enjoys welcoming and aiding new members. Before you get too comfy, don't forget that you should probably take a look at the forum rules, as well as section rules that will be pinned in whatever sections you plan to frequent. Seeing as your main interest is in the game itself and creating concepts for cards, I imagine those sections will be TCG and Custom Cards. I'm actually in the middle of something though so I have to make this welcome wagon post quick.


Hopefully you stick around and have a good time on YCM! Any questions you may have can be directed to a moderator or member you see in the relevant section. (That means don't ask me about Custom Cards and TCG questions; I'm only good for RP stuff). See ya!

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Flash Flyer - Sakura


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Hi there Moonside. 


I'm Sakura, one of the moderators here and the lone mod for Custom Cards, so expect to see me often if you come in there. If you have questions about stuff in there or even the site in general, don't be afraid to ask me. I don't bite.


Like Yui mentioned though, do look over the rules before posting further. Most are common sense stuff like "don't be a jerk towards other members", etc, but please read them. It'll save you a good amount of stress in the long term.


As far as TCG goes for the most part, if you opt to go in there and need to know the general policies for talking about design, ideally you should message Broke. N (currently The Warden) because he's "assigned" to it right now. I am not sure how fast he replies to inquiries or handles questions, but as a back option, you can probably ask Black as he knows the place too.



So yeah, enjoy your stay and hope you stick around for the long run. We really would like new members to stay around.

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