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Xtra HERO Glidergirl

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Wanted to make an Xtra HERO when I say this card, a card that allows you to get some draws as well as being able to search. I used the new wording that Garbage Collector has, making it clearer if you can target specific monsters. It's also suppose to be somewhat generic for other Fusion based Decks, so Link Summoning up into this card works well, since you can place it in your Main Monster Zone and gain access to quite a few Link Arrows that way, and it has 2500 which is respectable for being a generic requirement, besides Attribute.



2+ monsters with different Attributes
When this card is Link Summoned using a Link Monster as material: You can move it to your Main Monster Zone Zone it points to. Once per turn: You can target 1 monster in your GY that began the Duel in the Main Deck; shuffle it into your Deck, then you can add 1 "HERO" monster from your Deck to your hand with a different Attribute from that target. Each time you Fusion Summon to your zone(s) this card points to, immediately draw 1 card.

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Its a interesting card and its materials make it so it works with using Isolde as a Link Material. Its ability so recycle a HERO into the deck to search another is a neat concept and the draw upon any Fusion Summon to a zone it points to is a nice touch to it.

Ideally this would make for a great Link 4 in HERO's though would have some constancy Issues with Destiny HERO knowing their all DARK Monsters.
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