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Refereeing Rat Chu-Sei (Puny Purposeful Pyros Pretty Much Push the Pace)

- - - - - pyro light BDScustoms referee summon negation


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Refereeing Rat Chu-Sei: Info


Right now, its time for the establishment of a common mechanic within YET ANOTHER TYPE. I got the idea for this one from the banks of how the Thunder monsters worked their support around a rather efficient anti-meta basework, and I feel there are lots of avenues for generic Pyro support to go. Would that not be a more pertinent question to ask than, say, where on the totem pole the importance of its support is situated (to list but one example)? If we can see where such support can potentially go, that can be a lot more useful to Pyro monsters in the future, in terms of what it is we ask of Konami. 


So here's this. 


Turns the burn strategy into a more consistent stream, similar to the Trickstars (yes, I did notice the Trickstar submission within arms reach of mine). This helps it work around its otherwise mediocre ATK, but this time, the cyclical nature of its effect affords it to be a Summoning handtrap first, and then a Tachyon Transmigration-like negation boost out of the banished zone. Something that can infuse a bit more elements into the average Pyro player's arsenal-like Gold Sarcophagus, for example.


This helps Pyros get off on a solid footing without necessarily needing the Normal Summon, allowing you to devote it to other engines to help make it go. It being dependant on the damage your opponent takes helps align its Summon effect with its burn, keeping it from getting anything too dicey out like...say, Miscellaneousaurus did.


Its effect Summoning ability, while very usable, is not as optimal on the first turn as it seems, can hit your effected stuff as well, and demands you only control ONE Pyro monster, so it can't stack unless you're sinking your eggs into one basket...I think this balances it out, though I'm open to options on how to moderate that effect.


(also, yes this is a return to the BlaDeS of Change Workshop's attempt to balance cards WITHOUT USING HOPTS, so any commentary on how successful this experiment was is appreciado.)


Until the next card, then, reviews, revelry, you know the drill.


BD'S, signing off.

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