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Crystron Deck ( Needlefiber Build )

Crystron Deck Profile


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This is a deck I've created IRL that utilizes Needlefiber to the fullest extent within it's own archetype. ( Naturally, this build is for when needlefiber comes out in the TCG ). Using the multpile "Armageddon Knight" like cards, whose levels are very nice for the synchro plays the deck likes to make in combination with Sulfefnir who can get you any Crystron monster from your Deck, makes making needlfiber turn 1 extremely consistent and easy. 


Deck Goal: Summon an "Armageddon Knight" monster, Get to Sulfefnir, use it's effect, summon Needlefiber, set up big banish plays during your opponent's turn. 


( Fun Fact: This is the first deck I've ever played that plays a "Garnet" like normal monster ( Genex Controller ), and I've had a pretty positive experience with it. The value of Undine is very worth having even if you might draw a controller some duels. ) 


Main Deck ( 42 ) 


Monsters ( 29 ) 


1 Crystron Quan 

2 Crystron Rion 

3 Crystron Citree 

2 Crystron Prasiortle 

3 Crystron Smiger 

3 Crystron Thystvern 

2 Crystron Rosenix 

3 Crystron Sulfefnir 


3 Mathematician 

3 Scrap Recycler 

3 Genex Undine 

1 Genex Controller 


Spells ( 9 ) 


1 Foolish Burial 

3 Starlight Junktion 

3 Different Dimension Deepsea Trench 

2 Called by the Grave 


Traps ( 4 ) 


1 Crystron Entry 

3 Crystron Impact 


Extra Deck ( 15 ) 


3 Crystron Needlefiber 

2 Crystron Quandax 

1 Crystron Ametrix 

1 Crystron Phoenix 

3 Crystron Quariongandrax 


1 Speedroid Chanbara

1 Powered Inzektron 

1 Samurai Destroyer 

1 Shooting Riser Dragon  

1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 



Spoiler For My Spoilers :3

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