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[MTG] [Written] Napachi Block: Expansion {Set 1 of 3}


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Napachi: A Plane Begotten of its Gods and Ecosystem






Lore (rather important)


On my summer trip to Glacier National Park, I played Magic rather often with my friends, inclining at least one of them to get cards of their own. While there, I read and thought about the color pie, allied colors, enemy colors, and the ways in which the game creates a very flavorful atmosphere and deep meaning in each card that no other card game has conveyed to me so easily and so extensively. Considering the number of mountains, forests, and lakes in Glacier, the park itself felt like where a planeswalker would get their mana from. Thus, the main tribes of the set are heavily inspired by the park, and the implementation of land-based strategies is firmly rooted in the ecological significance of GNP.


Details on the set can be found in the spoilers below:






Also, without further ado, I'd like to post the cards here so that I don't have to re-format this post. I'll make them prettier later.


lots of cards


Anyway thanks for reading. I'm gonna add more cards to this as I go. This is my first MTG set and I worked hard on it.




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Your syntax needs work. A lot of the abilities you have don't really work because of the way they are worded. When I have some more time I can go back through everything and help you out if you want.

Plus some of these cards feel a little out of color, which is fine as long as you have ways to justify breaking the color pie.

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