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Sebi's New And Improved Card Contest!


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Raven Evalon

Raven Evalon

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To celebrate my return to this site, I thought it would be fun to hold a little competition. Last time that I tried to do this, I failed due to going inactive, but I'm hoping to use this as motivation to stay active here. Anywho:




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Flash Flyer - Sakura

Flash Flyer - Sakura


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Just make sure you provide grading and stuff later on, k?


(Mentioned in section rules and well, it'd help other members know what your expectations are.)

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Extra Images / GFX stuff
Zootopia GIFs (I have too many of them in here -_-)
Character results
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Yo I'm in

Rep Card by Jay, a friend I won't forget

Thank You

Mission Accomplished


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haven't read the op but i'll enter


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