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Goblin Slayer

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Cannot be Special Summoned. Increase this cards ATK equal to the number of monsters your opponent controls x 300. If this card is targeted for an attack: switch this card to Defence Position, and if you do, this card cannot be destroyed by battle until the End Phase this turn. You can only control 1 "Goblin Slayer".

So inspired by the anime series Goblin Slayer this card is a powerful Level 4 which though is limited by not being able to be Special Summoned and they you can only control 1 at a time this card can gain a great amount of ATK when facing multiple monsters and can protect itself when being attacked.

In Warrior Decks this quite a optimal card to play thats also searchable with ROTA and can be returned to the hand with The Warrior Returning Alive even if this card has its limitations to how you can play it as it does take up your normal summon.
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Really underwhelming for today's game, IMO. It's a mere opponent-reliant beater that cannot even be Special Summoned. The protection won't keep you safe for long.

This may have had a good place in Goat Format, but nowadays I don't see it cutting it.

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I'm going to agree with Darj on this one to an extent.


Even if this does reach up to 3700-4000 at most if opponent can actually do the Extra Link or whatever, it's still vulnerable to effect removal (i.e. Borreload) and while rare, piercing exists. That, and the aforementioned reliance on the opponent's board, even taking into consideration how fast certain Decks can build up theirs.


While the card itself isn't bad, it's really just a large beatstick at the end of the day and RoTA still being at 1 doesn't do this card much favors of coming out often.

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