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[MTG] Emmara: Soul of the Avalanche

EDH tokenspam


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bury the year

bury the year

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A tokenspam deck that lets my play all my secret Macar tech? Sign me tf up!
Trying to keep any suggestions semi-budget friendly: the expensive cards are things I (mostly) already own.
Feedback appreciated! TO link if you ike it like that ;)
Commander (1)
2 Emmara, Soul of the Accord
Utility (13)
1 Autumn's Veil
1 Soul Warden
2 Anointer Priest
2 Heroic Intervention
3 Chord of Calling
3 Eternal Witness
3 Rootborn Defenses
4 Anointed Procession
4 Conqueror's Galleon // Conqueror's Foothold
4 Huatli, Radiant Champion
4 Parallel Lives
5 Divine Visitation
6 Sun Titan
Ramp (12)
1 Avacyn's Pilgrim
1 Sol Ring
1 Springleaf Drum
2 Cryptolith Rite
2 Sakura-Tribe Elder
2 Selesnya Signet
3 Cultivate
3 Grow from the Ashes
3 Selesnya Locket
3 Wayward Swordtooth
4 Skyshroud Claim
5 Mirari's Wake
Removal (11)
1 Swords to Plowshares
2 Aura Mutation
2 Sundering Growth
3 Aura Shards
3 Reclamation Sage
4 Conclave Tribunal
4 Nullmage Shepherd
5 Fumigate
6 Austere Command
7 Hour of Reckoning
8 Ezuri's Predation
Tokens (9)
2 Saproling Migration
2 Sprout Swarm
3 March of the Multitudes
4 Bramble Sovereign
4 Sram's Expertise
5 Angel of Invention
5 Tendershoot Dryad
5 Trostani Discordant
6 Rampaging Baloths
Pump and Damage (7)
1 Appeal // Authority
2 Intangible Virtue
2 Throne of the God-Pharaoh
4 Goldnight Commander
5 Overrun
6 Pathbreaker Ibex
6 Thunderfoot Baloth
Tap and Untap (7)
1 Nature's Chosen
1 Reconnaissance
2 Selesnya Evangel
2 Smuggler's Copter
3 Mobile Garrison
4 Glare of Subdual
5 Seedborn Muse
Card Draw (4)
2 Dawn of Hope
3 Mentor of the Meek
3 Selvala, Explorer Returned
6 Camaraderie
Lands (36)
Arch of Orazca
Bountiful Promenade
Canopy Vista
Command Tower
Fortified Village
Holdout Settlement
Krosan Verge
Razorverge Thicket
Scattered Groves
Sunpetal Grove
Survivors' Encampment
Temple Garden
Windswept Heath
23 basic lands
Tokens and Others
4/4 white Angel creature token with flying and vigilance
1/1 white Soldier creature token with lifelink
Embalmed Anointer Priest token
4/4 green Beast creature token
1/1 green Saproling creature token
1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature token
City's blessing
Huatli, Radiant Champion emblem
Checklist card for Conqueror's Galleon


decathlon challenge (4/10)

ephara, god of the polis {wip} • (dimir)(rakdos)(gruul)emmara, soul of the accord

(orzhov)(golgari) • tatyova, benthic druid {wip} • (izzet) • anax and cymede {wip}

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