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Chaos Decks


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Would a Kuriboh deck make a decent build for the chaos monsters? I'm thinking since Kuriboh is basically a hand trap, it would be fairly easy to drop in the grave and you'd have easy banish material for cards like BLS.



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No Kuriboh is awful my friend. I dont even remember playing Kuriboh back in Chaos format over a decade ago lol
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That being said, "Chaos Kuriboh" is a deck that existed a few years back. You can use Flute of Summoning Kuriboh to search or Special Summon either your DARK Kuriboh or your LIGHT Winged Kuriboh. With some other Kuribohs and support like Kuribohrn and Linkuriboh you could go for a Level 1 focused deck with cards like Kinka-Byo, Mystic Piper and One for One. You could even play Multiply to create a lot of fodder for Link Summons.




Also I'm pretty sure this is the wrong section. Should probably be in https://forum.yugioh...ion-and-guides/

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