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The Colossus Titans (Pacific Rim Archtype)

Pacific Rim Monster Field Spell Kaiju


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Pacific Rim is one of if not my most favorite movie of all time. Too bad Uprising was a total disaster. So to fill the spot in my heart that was torn apart by that abomination, I decided to create a archtype based upon the Kaiju.

Their Main concept is to destroy Field Spells to Special summon themselves and pull of their individual effects, depending on the situation of the duel.

Their Support cards are mostly fousced around Field spells, as they rely on them to summon them themselves.

They also allow for Fuison Summoning through either their Fusion card or by banishing "Colossus Titan" Monsters from the graveyard.

Main Deck Monsters


Fusion Monsters




Feel free to judge/discuss these. I really only made them for fun.

Suggestions are also welcomed. 




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As best I can tell, this is actually really well balanced for having so many monsters with high attack points. It's a fun take on the franchise too. The only real problem I can see is that while you have Neon Tokyo to search for other Field Spells, with all these cards needing to destroy one to either be summoned or activate their effects you'd benefit from a way to recycle them from the graveyard back into the deck.

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